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Water: Alive and Fresh

Water, one of the most essential natural resources, required to sustain life. Be it from the oceans, rivers, underground, rain, wells, damns, wherever, potable water for human consumption is in very short supply. Governments through various utilities do their best to disinfect the piped water supply to the various communities.

Unfortunately, this supply is inconsistent at best with numerous opportunities for contamination from pipe breakages to domestic collection practices. Boiling water, is time consuming, inconvenient and expensive. Chlorine and other chemicals used to purify the water have long lasting negative side effects that impact not only your pots, pans and heating elements but your body as well.

Bear in mind that to completely purify all the “tap” water is an enormously expensive proposition particularly when less that 1% is actually used for human consumption. Studies show that over 80% is consumed by the various industries and agriculture and maybe 10% actually used in the home, of which, most is used for washing (clothes, cars, yards, etc.) bathing, recreation (pools), gardening, etc.

To overcome these harmful potential health risks (cancer, Alzheimer, e-coli; all associated with tap water) you owe it to yourself, your family, friends, customers, and employees, visiting, living or working at your establishment or home, the best cost effective water available.

Through our associates Water Alive and Fresh we are thrilled to offer a complete range of Water Filtration Systems, Reverse Osmosis Purification Systems, Ultra Violet Sterilizer Systems, Water Coolers, Water Softeners, Oxidizer Plus, Iron Ox, Filter Systems Replacement Cartridges (Carbon & Sediment), Shower filters, Etc., Etc.

Numerous scientific studies all recommend the positive health benefits of drinking water (min 8-10 glasses daily) not only, is it beneficial for weight loss, it regulates body temperature, carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells, lubricates joints and tissues. As a health conscious and informed society it is imperative that we ensure our drinking/cooking water is of the highest quality free of all harmful germs and purified in such a way that it is beneficial for the body. 

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