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About Caricana Enterprises:

The primary goal of Caricana Enterprises is to promote and encourage trade between the Caribbean and Canada. Offering the highest quality equipment (new and used) that has either been totally refurbished, or equipment that has been independently inspected, stamped and documented ensuring conformity, functionality and that all safety standards are met. In addition, based on our close relationship to the manufacturers’ representatives we can oversee and offer modified equipment in keeping with our customer’s requirements that still maintains the integrity, safety, and scope of the equipment. Our intent is to positively assist the Caribbean contractors with reliable, affordable, and purpose built equipment that will ultimately reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive array of products that are required on the worksite. Based on the perseverance and resourcefulness of our agents, we can effectively source and supply virtually any demand.

Our successes to date have allowed us to exclusively represent, several select, top class products and services in the Caribbean.

We at Caricana Enterprises have assembled a vibrant and knowledgeable team of specialists and through diverse networks, we have access to an infinite range of quality goods and services that our customers rely on. Service is not just a word; it is the philosophy by which this organization was built.

We are fast becoming the largest distributor to the Caribbean representing an absolute wide array of merchandise, catering to the needs of businesses through various industries and sectors. Be it; Safety, Industrial, Commercial, Construction, Wholesale, and Automotive we represent a comprehensive range of product or have access to. Tens of thousands of items to choose from “We Got It” if not “We Get It” And still, there’s more!

We offer a formidable line up of products and services, representing only the best of the best, exclusively for our valued customers.

Mission Statement:

To be the initial contact for contractors and businesses’ in the Caribbean wanting to source equipment and supplies in Canada/overseas, by securing their needs and providing value added services.

We Get It!

Symbolizes our ability to listen and (I get it!) understand. To find (we get it) and offer suitable solutions/product. Finally, to actually identify the “perfect” product that satisfies our customer’s needs (We get It!). On the other hand, when supplying products we represent we don’t only (get it), (We Got It!)

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