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In our continuing quest to offer our customers the highest quality, cost effective products we are excited to represent one of the major suppliers to the construction rental industry. Together we look forward to offering our customers the same products and pricing as available in North America. Introducing Rentquip Supply Limited: Manufacturers, Distributors and Agents with over thirty years experience in the industry.

The ultimate “one stop shop,” stocking everything typically required in the rental industry, with products extending well into the industrial and commercial areas as well. The range of products is so vast, that we are confident our experts will have a solution to adequately handle any situation. Products cover:- floor sanders, numerous hand tools (manual, battery powered and electric),extension cords, assorted pumps, generators, welding equipment, augers, trenchers, barriers, safety fences, carts, ladders, moving supplies, party supplies, tampers, breakers, strippers, vacuums, lights, fans, cement mixers, abrasives, blades, traffic cones, scaffold, sanders etc. and the list goes on.

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