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Fil-Mor Automotive

Having had the honor of spending several days in the Fil-Mor Automotive plant I was overwhelmed by the variety of clutches and types of materials used. The staff on the floor were highly skilled, most of whom have been there perfecting their skills over the last ten to twenty years some even longer. As critical as I can be, it was impossible to distinguish between the new and remanufactured clutches both visibly and during testing. Strict guidelines and procedures are rigorously maintained to ensure absolute conformity and performance. Based on the integrity Fil-Mor Automotive brings to the industry, they too represent new clutches by trusted brands. So the choice is yours; remanufactured or new!

Regardless of what wheels or tracks you use, be it commercial (vans, trucks, buses) agricultural tractors, family vehicles, even high performance vehicles, we have the clutch for you!

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